Status Effects

Lord of the Rings: Rise to War has different status effects that will influence both commanders and units in combat. There are both positive and negative effects and these are explained below;


Avoidance allows a unit to avoid taking damage for as many stacks of this effect that they have. 2 stacks allows the target to avoid their first two instances of ‘would be’ damage.

Counter Attack

Counter Attack allows the target to make an attack when they receive damage, providing they are within range ( a melee unit cannot counter attack damage received from a ranged unit if there is a melee unit in between them ).


Follow-up allows the target to follow up their first attack with an additional attack (A counter to avoidance).


Initiative determines who acts first in battle. Granting an initiative bonus might make the target go earlier in the order.


Pursuit grants the target the ability to make an additional attack IF they missed the first one. (A counter to avoidance).


Prioritise allows a target to focus on the specified unit, IF available. (e.g Prioritises ranged units. Target will attack ranged units if available).


Recover heals [x] unit(s) for [x]%. The percentage heal is affected by commanders Focus stat.


Affected by Might. Bleeding causes the target to suffer physical damage for [x]-amount of rounds.


Cripple causes the target to have a -500% speed for [x]-amount of rounds.


Disarm causes the target to deal reduced physical damage for [x]-amount of rounds


Madness causes the target to treat enemies and allies alike. Meaning, the target now has a chance to attack their allies instead of their enemies.


Silenced renders the target unable to cast skills for [x]-amount of rounds.


Stun makes a unit unable to attack for [x]-amount of rounds.