Rohan Units

Light Cavalry [Tier 1]

Starting Cavalry unit, Versatile with damage reduction and decent damage output for Tier 1

Outrider [Tier 2]

Powerful 1st round attack with Rohirrim charge ability – Pairs well with Eowyn, Theoden, Aragorn, Eomer, Boromir & Gandalf the Grey

Cavalier [Tier 3]

Same as Outrider but with better base stats, solid choice even with Marshals available.

Bowman [Tier 1]

Solid speed stat and Good damage in early rounds but need melee screen to protect them.

Longbowman [Tier 2]

Sacrifices some speed of the bowman for better HP and Defence – good damage output for Tier

Sharpshooter [Tier 3]

Good damage output, paired with average health & highest in class defence makes them the best ‘all-rounder’ ranged infantry unit available to good aligned forces.

Rangers [Tier 2]

Shared with Gondor, anti-ranged melee unit that can also provide solid damage until T3/4 Cav available

Dúnedain [Tier 3]

More potent anti-ranged unit than Ranger with a damage reduction skill vs ranged and average defence

Marshal [Tier 4] [Unique]

The Jewel in Rohan’s Crown – Great speed, health, damage and average defence. Unique skill Onslaught provides damage boost that reduces gradually each round.