Mordor Units

Grunt [Tier 1]

Basic Melee unit with useful ability to focus the unit with the lowest attack with increased damage.

Brute [Tier 2]

Solid tier 2 melee unit that reduces targets defence after each hit.

Crusher [Tier 3]

A staple unit for most Evil rosters. Good defence and perfect for dealing with enemy Tank units by combining both the Grunt & Brute abilities.

Scout [Tier 1]

Average damage and HP, low defence and good speed for Tier 1. Mounted ability improves survivability.

Tracker [Tier 2]

Average damage but below average HP & Defence for Tier 2 Cavalry. Good Speed and ability to focus low damage units with a damage buff.

Raider [Tier 3]

Powerful anti-mounted unit – Has above average base damage and with Predator ability gains damage buff against mounted units making them very powerful. Low defence for Melee cavalry means they require a tank/commander abilities to protect them.

Cave Troll [Tier 2]

Slow, low damage unit that’s primary purpose is to defend higher damage units. Good defence, health and Large Unit trait makes them resistant to damage.

Mountain Troll [Tier 3]

Slightly better damage, HP and Defence than Cave Trolls. Primary purpose is the same as Cave Trolls to defend higher damage units. Taunt ability makes them an excellent tank able to force all enemies to attack them regardless of their own abilities to target specific units.

Ravager [Tier 4] [Unique]

Powerful Melee unit. Average base damage unit but with the Savagery ability is able to attack all enemy units each round meaning their damage output can be very high. Good HP and Defence paired with Large Unit trait makes them very survivable and also able to fulfil the role of Tank, whilst good siege damage also supports taking Control points, Special buildings & Forts.