Lothlórien Units

Hunter [Tier 1]

Basic ranged unit with high average damage output for a Tier 1 unit.

Marksman [Tier 2]

Very powerful Tier 2 ranged unit with good damage but very low defence. needs Melee screen to survive.

Sentinel [Tier 3]

The best average ranged unit in the good roster (excluding Marchwardens). Low HP and Defence means they need a melee screen to survive.

Horseback Archer [Tier 1]

Average damage and good speed for Tier 1. Mounted ability improves survivability.

Cavalry Archer [Tier 2]

First available anti-large unit available to good forces. Excellent damage considering Tier 2 and mounted ability to reduce damage taken – pair well with Rohan Commanders due to being Cavalry.

Bow Knight [Tier 3]

Mounted anti-large unit, does high damage and pairs well with Rohan Commanders due to being cavalry. Most consistent anti-large unit in good side roster.

Warden [Tier 2]

Low damage unit that’s primary purpose is to defend higher damage ranged units.

Herald [Tier 3]

Slightly better damage, HP and Defence than Wardens. Primary purpose is the same as Wardens to defend higher damage ranged units.

Marchwarden [Tier 4] [Unique]

Very powerful Ranged unit. As well as the highest damage per command in the good alignment roster they have very high Speed and solid HP & Defence. Their first ability allow them to hit units even when they have the avoidance ability while their second further increases their survivability with immunity to stun and increased Defence.