Lhang. An Elvish close-quarter sword created in the First Age by the weapon-smiths of Doriath.
An Elvish close-quarter sword created in the First Age by the weapon-smiths of Doriath.

Lore History

The Lhang is a two-handed elven sword that was first seen in the Peter Jackson adaptation of The Fellowship of the Rings.[1] In the prologue of the War of the Last Alliance, elves utilize the Lhang to drive back the forces of Mordor. Originating from Tolkien’s The Lost Road and Other Writings as a word to describe a cutlass/sword, the Lhang was brought to life by Weta Workshops as a prop for the movies.[2]


Characterized by its long handle and single-edged blade, inspiration for the design of the Lhang may have been drawn from the Japanese nagamaki.[3][4] However, in the same fashion as other elven swords, the Lhang possesses a gently, curved blade. In practice, the Lhang is best used for long sweeping movements as seen by the elves in the War of the Last Alliance and may have been an excellent counter to cavalry or mounted enemies if keeping true to the nagamaki.[3]

Base Stats

[Commander] Might +12
[Commander] Focus +8
[Army] HP (Elves) +1
Supported Races: Maiar, Men, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Evil Men

Special Effects

Cleave [Commander] Normal attacks have a 50.0% chance of dealing an additional 40.0%/240.0% Physical Damage
Counterstrike [First 2 Round(s)] [Allied Melee Units] Perform a counterattack that deals 8.3%/50.0% damage when sustaining normal attacks from enemies within range
Might of Elves [Elves Allied Unit(s)] Damage dealt +2.0%/12.0%
Retaliate [Allied Melee Units] When hit by enemies’ normal attacks within range, perform a Counterattack that deals 35.0%/60.0% damage. However, your Normal attack damage will be reduced by 70.0%.
Reckoning [Every 5 Round(s)] [Against Target with the Lowest Defence] Deals 100.0%/600.0% Physical Damage


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