Isengard Units

Breaker [Tier 1]

Basic Melee unit with vast damage range. However, Arson ability deals burn damage as a proportion of standard damage meaning it bypasses defence making it potentially very powerful for Tier 1 and delivers good siege damage.

Sapper [Tier 2]

Very similar to Breaker but with slightly improved base stats and best Siege damage for a Tier 2 unit in the game. Explosives ability causes them to deal additional burn damage over and above standard damage output.

Alchemist [Tier 3]

Follows the same theme as Sapper with base stats again slightly improved apart from speed which again reduces. Fires of Orthanc ability makes normal attacks deal significantly higher burn damage than normal damage output. Siege damage improves again by 5 to 30 making them the best siege unit in the game.

Bruiser [Tier 1]

Low damage melee unit that’s primary purpose is to reduce targets defence with Armour Break ability.

Brawler [Tier 2]

Average Damage and HP with below average defence. Fanaticism ability increases early battle damage but the unit decreases in power as battle goes on.

Berserker [Tier 3]

Similar to Brawler with slightly improved stats at the sacrifice of speed. Fanaticism ability increases early battle damage and Indomitable grants immunity to stun and an increase to defence to make the unit a powerful melee damage dealer when fully upgraded.

Uruk Archer [Tier 2]

Lower than averaged ranged damage unit. Average HP and low HP however does have Fire Arrows ability which causes additional fire damage bypassing units defence.

Sniper [Tier 3]

Powerful Anti-Ranged unit. Lower than average Damage compared to Good Aligned ranged units however has the Bullseye ability that allows them to always bypass defensive line and target ranged units whilst also dealing bonus damage. More survivable vs Melee than other ranged units thanks to Full Protection which reduces Melee damage received.

Snaga Thrak [Tier 4] [Unique]

A potentially very powerful Melee unit if in the correct Army. Variable damage with a range from 6-66 however Cruelty ability increases damage at the trade off of damaging an allied unit. Cool-headed is a powerful ability that grants madness immunity and a speed boost. Paired with the right commander and army build, can be one of the most devastating damage dealers in the game.