Walkthrough Guides
Title Author Date
Red Book of Westmarch Walkthrough Aerith 2021-11-10
Complete Walkthrough bailianthegoat 2021-11-01
How to Build your Commanders bailianthegoat 2021-10-08
Commander Guides
Title Author Date
Balin (Retaliate Build) Aerith 2022-04-06
Haldir Aerith 2022-01-31
New Commander Qurwan Aerith 2022-01-19
Éowyn Aerith 2021-11-04
Ori Aerith 2021-10-12
Tips and Tricks
Title Author Date
Tips and Tricks for Starting a Fellowship Aerith 2021-10-05
F2P Tips and Tricks for Early Game Aerith 2021-09-30


Title Author Date
Capitals – Barad-dur Melkor 2021-10-27
Title Author Date
How to Complete the Overcoming Obstacles Event Aerith 2021-10-03


Title Author Date
Side by Side Event Aerith 2022-02-23
Season 3 Overview Aerith 2022-02-12
Yule Festival Event Aerith 2021-12-22
Season 2 Overview Aerith 2021-11-28
What Happens at the End of a Season? Aerith 2021-10-15