Gondor Units

Milita [Tier 1]

Basic Melee infantry unit with good survivability for Tier 1 due to damage reduction skill Shielding

Spearman [Tier 2]

First available anti-cavalry unit available to the forces of good. Good defence for a Tier 2 unit.

Guard Of the Tower [Tier 3]

Excellent defence with an ability to reduce damage with Shielding skill. – Best Anti-cavalry unit available to forces of good.

Horseman [Tier 1]

Basic Tier 1 cavalry unit, only useful early game – potentially only to be used for pathing.

Knight [Tier 2]

Versatile Tier 2 cavalry unit that can fulfil the role of tank or damage dealer in early game due to its solid damage and health stats and its defensive ability Full Protection.

Cataphract [Tier 3]

Best tank unit available to the forces of good – excluding unique and special units
Average speed & Damage for Cavalry but very good health and defence plus Full Protection skill to give even more survivability against Melee.

Rangers [Tier 2]

Shared with Rohan, anti-ranged melee unit that can also provide solid damage until T3/4 Cav available

Dúnedain [Tier 3]

Shared with Rohan, more potent anti-ranged unit than Ranger with a damage reduction skill vs ranged and average defence

Swan Knight [Tier 4] [Unique]

Average speed and damage for Cavalry, great health, and amazing defence. Unique skill Protector provides defence boost and tanks ALL damage received by allied units for initial 3 rounds of combat.