Gandalf the Grey vs Gondor: King of the Dead

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The King of the Dead has a specific build that optimizes efficiency with Oathbreakers. Gondor tacticians will typically use only Oathbreakers in their army and these are very efficient against many commanders that deal Physical Damage. The King of the Dead relies on inflicting negative status effects and attacking with Focus Damage. However, Oathbreakers are susceptible to Focus, Poison, and Burn damage so many King of the Dead commanders will also use equipment that reduces those types of damage received.

The following guide covers the outcome from two different King of the Dead battles. See Results for how to improve Gandalf the Grey against the King of the Dead.

King of the Dead (moderate)

This battle was a considerable win with Gandalf the Grey killing almost all the King of the Dead’s Oathbreakers. Additionally, Gandalf the Grey lost very few troops in return despite not being able to heal.

King of the Dead Skills and Equipment

This King of the Dead is built to buff Undead units like the Oathbreakers in battle. Additionally, its armour provides decent protection against Focus Damage and can inflict Madness upon enemy units. However, it has no protection against Stuns or Burn Damage which is important when battling against Gandalf the Grey with Alchemists.


In the first two rounds of battle, all units dealt the minimum amount of damage. Despite this, Gandalf the Grey’s Alchemists killed over 2000 Oathbreakers due to Convener while sustaining minimal damage (i.e., losing 53 Alchemists and 150 Corsairs).

Round 1: Alchemists attack
Round 2: Alchemists attack

In subsequent rounds of battle, Gandalf the Grey’s Alchemists managed to kill over 500 Oathbreakers each round while sustaining minimal damage.

King of the Dead (difficult)

This battle ended in a draw with both armies losing a similar commands worth of units.

King of the Dead Skills and Equipment

This King of the Dead is built almost exactly the same as the King of the Dead from the section above. However, its Hysteria and Focus Wrath are far more effective with only two units in Gandalf the Grey’s army.


In rounds 3, 5, 7, and 9, Gandalf the Grey’s Alchemists were afflicted with Madness and dealt a total of 19 997 damage to Gandalf the Grey’s Mountain Trolls. Additionally, while they were afflicted and attacking allies, they dealt no damage to the enemy. Many things that could go wrong went wrong and the battle ended in a draw.

Round 9: Alchemists attack allies


Gandalf the Grey is an optimal counter for the King of the Dead because of his versatility with many units. However, in roleplay servers, Gandalf the Grey’s options will be limited due to the lack of Good Faction units that deal Focus, Burn, or Poison damage (excluding Oathbreakers). In those cases, Keeper’s are the best option (only available in Season 3) or placing all skill points into maximizing Gandalf’s Focus Damage skills.

Gandalf the Grey Build [R5] [Max Impart Wisdom]
  • White Council (15/15)
    • High Alert (7/7)
  • Wizard (2/15)
    • Surge (1/7)
  • Mithrandir (15/15)
    • Convener (7/7)
  • The Grey (10/15)
    • Fleeting Movements (5/7)
    • Blindside (2/7)

Note: Allocate any additional skill points at your discretion.

The White Council branch and Mithrandir will help reduce the amount of damage received by Gandalf the Grey’s armies while Convener will ensure that the King of the Dead’s Oathbreakers are severely depleted by the time round 3 starts. The Grey is useless because the King of the Dead has anti-healing skills. However, still fill it out because Fleeting Movements is important and Blindside provides an extra Stun.


Gandalf the Grey requires equipment that can boost his Alchemist’s attack and reduce Focus Damage received. Additionally, having Madness Immunity is key due to the King of the Dead’s Focus Wrath skill.

  • Uruk-hai Pike (Uruk-hai Strength)
  • Garrison Coat (Melee Vigour)
  • Old Casque (Melee Vigour)
Uruk-hai Pike
Garrison Coat
Old Casque
  • Cutlass (Melee Might, Smite)
  • Quilted Armour (Focus Protection)
  • Horseman’s Helm (Resolve)
  • Harp of Lothlórien (Melee Might) or Worn-out Smoking Pipe (Sustain)
Quilted Armour
Horseman’s Helm
Harp of Lothlórien
  • Reckoning (Might of Soldiers)
  • Elven Cloak (Resistance)
  • Berserker’s Gaze (Curse)
  • Orthanc’s Devilry (Opportune Strike) or Drums of Barad-dur (Might of Soldiers)
Elven Cloak
Casque of the Submerged Isle
Orthanc’s Devilry

Note: Quilted Armour provides more Focus Damage reduction but Elven Cloak is more universal.

Army Unit Composition

Alchemists are the optimal counter for Oathbreakers and the King of the Dead. Alchemists deal burn damage and are not inhibited by the 90% Physical Damage reduction that Oathbreakers have. Additionally, Mountain Trolls are still the best tanks available because they can taunt. However, they will be significantly less effective against Oathbreakers due to Focus Damage ignoring defense. Corsairs or Keepers are the best third option because they deal Burn and Focus damage, respectively. Always have three units when battling against the King of the Dead with Oathbreakers because Madness is significantly less effective when there is only a 33% chance for Alchemists to be inflicted with it.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you found it helpful.