Gandalf the Grey vs Gondor: Éowyn

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Éowyn excels with Mounted Units due to her healing abilities and Stun Immunity. She will typically use Swan Knights/Cataphracts with two of the following:

  • Bow Knights
  • Cavaliers
  • Raiders
  • Rams

Occasionally, Gondor tacticians will use Dragoons and Dúnedain, especially against Elven Factions. Bree Riders are typically never seen from Gondor tacticians due to their location (i.e., they are far away from Gondor). These troop compositions usually gain the Initiative by default and deal heavy Physical Damage.

The following guide covers the outcome from three different Éowyn builds. See Results for how to improve Gandalf the Grey against Éowyn.

Éowyn (easy)

Poor equipment and skill point placement contributed to Éowyn’s defeat. Additionally, Éowyn had a disproportionate amount of tank-like troops (Dragoons and Swan Knights) and not enough damage dealers. However, due to Gandalf the Grey’s limited attack range, Éowyn’s Bow Knights survived the entire battle and dealt maximum damage. Despite being a direct counter to Gandalf the Grey, Éowyn can easily lose if not built properly.

Éowyn Skills and Equipment

This Éowyn is built to counter Large units with commander damage. However, it sacrifices troop buffs from Nobility and Rohirrim to do so. Cleave and Cripple would greatly boost Éowyn’s commander damage output and the efficacy of Dernhelm but neither are used on this Éowyn. Additionally, its equipment is barely strengthened or refined and the special effects are not optimal for Éowyn.


In the first two rounds of battle, Gandalf the Grey’s Alchemists dealt 42935 damage while Éowyn’s Army dealt 16 302 damage in total. However, due to being protected by Swan Knights and Dragoons, Éowyn’s Bow Knights managed to deal optimal damage throughout the battle which resulted in more dead and wounded troops for Gandalf the Grey’s Army.

Round 2: Gandalf the Grey’s Alchemists attack

Éowyn (moderate)

This was a considerable loss for Gandalf the Grey who started with more troops. Gandalf the Grey’s troop composition was not optimal for this Éowyn build which was illustrated in the poor results of the battle.

Éowyn Skills and Equipment

This is the typical build for Éowyn. The White Lady of Rohan and Rohirrim branch is maxed giving Éowyn’s army Stun Immunity and damage boosts. However, this Éowyn had points allocated towards Shieldmaiden which helped boost Éowyn’s durability a little bit more. Additionally, this Éowyn had decent equipment but could’ve had better special effects (ex. using a weapon with Melee or Mounted Unit damage boosts).


In the first round of battle, Gandalf the Grey’s Bow Knights hardly did any damage to the Éowyn’s Swan Knights but suffered little damage due to avoidance (from Mithrandir). However, without Stuns to reduce damage, Gandalf the Grey’s Army quickly fell behind in damage output compared to Éowyn’s Army.

Round 1: Gandalf the Grey’s Bow Knights attack

In the second round of battle, Éowyn’s Cavaliers managed to deal over 5000 damage due to Rohirrim Charge while Gandalf the Grey’s Bow Knights did very little damage again.

Round 2: Éowyn’s Cavaliers attack

In the third round of battle, Éowyn’s Cleave managed to deal another 5000 damage with Gandalf the Grey’s Bow Knights dealing next to nothing again.

Round 3: Éowyn activates Cleave

Éowyn (difficult)

This was a considerable defeat for Gandalf the Grey and is a great demonstration of why Éowyn is a great counter. With Stun Immunity and the potential to also be a high damage commander, Éowyn demolished Gandalf the Grey’s army while sustaining minimal losses.

Éowyn Skills and Equipment

This Éowyn has an excellent build that emphasizes troop buffing and commander damage. The White Lady of Rohan branch and Rohirrim title boosts Mounted Units damage and durability while Dernhelm boosts the efficacy of Cripple and Cleave. Additionally, the Reach of Riddermark is also buffed by Dernhelm while the rest of Éowyn’s equipment works to reduce damage received and buff speed.


In the first round of battle, Gandalf the Grey’s Alchemists dealt minimal damage despite having 4800 units and Convener activating. However, Gandalf the Grey’s Army sustained minimal damage due to avoidance.

Round 1: Gandalf the Grey’s Alchemists attack

In the second round of battle, Gandalf the Grey’s Alchemists dealt even less damage despite still having 4800 units.

Round 2: Gandalf the Grey’s Alchemists attack

In the third round of battle, Éowyn’s Cleave activated and targeted Gandalf the Grey’s Alchemists on Rounds 3, 6, and 9. Additionally, Éowyn’s Cripple also targeted Gandalf the Grey’s Alchemists on Rounds 4 and 6.

Round 6: Éowyn’s Cripple and Cleave activate
Round 6: All enemies target Gandalf the Grey’s Alchemists

Severely depleted in troops, by Round 6, Gandalf the Grey’s Army was already defeated.

Round 6: Gandalf the Grey’s Army attacks


Éowyn is a great counter against Gandalf the Grey due to her Stun Immunity. Several of the battles above demonstrate why Stunning is an integral part of Gandalf the Grey’s build. Despite having a decent healing skill, The Grey cannot heal enough to sustain the amount of damage Gandalf the Grey receives when not inflicting Stun upon enemies. However, Gandalf the Grey is still a tier 2 commander and has plenty of decent skills aside from Stuns. While he isn’t the optimal counter for Éowyn, with the proper build, Gandalf the Grey can still hold his own against her.

Gandalf the Grey Build [R5] [Max Impart Wisdom]
  • White Council (15/15)
  • Wizard (3/15)
    • Surge (1/7)
  • The Grey (15/15)
    • Fleeting Movements (7/7)
    • Blindside (1/7)
  • Mithrandir (15/15)
    • Convener (7/7)

White Council and Mithrandir are a great combination that will reduce damage received in the first few rounds of battle. However, Convener is the most important because it doubles the damage dealt by Gandalf the Grey’s army (when activating on the right units) in the first two rounds of battle which may reduce Éowyn’s damage enough to counteract the lack of Stuns. Put skill points towards Wizard and Blindside to unlock Surge and increase the chance of The Grey activating. Additionally, Wizard’s defence reduction is important when not using Alchemists.


Expect purely Physical Damage related units so boosting defence or Focus is important. Also, consider that Gondor tacticians will be using Swan Knights so Gandalf the Grey will need melee damage boosts to wipe out the tank or the damage dealing units (depending on using Alchemists or a targeting unit). Additionally, Éowyn will likely be unable to inflict negative status unless she’s equipped with a Hysteria helmet.

  • Uruk-hai Pike (Uruk-hai Strength) or Broad Axe (Melee Might)
  • Garrison Coat (Melee Vigour)
  • Old Casque (Melee Vigour)
Uruk-hai Pike
Garrison Coat
Old Casque
  • Cutlass (Smite, Melee Might)
  • Scale Mail (Melee Vigour)
  • Bone Mask (Hysteria)
  • Worn-out Smoking Pipe (Sustain) or Wizard’s Fireworks (Bane of Mounted Units)
Scale Mail
Bone Mask
Worn-out Smoking Pipe
  • Reckoning (Might of Soldiers)
  • Elven Cloak (Hazard Training, Unity)
  • Berserker’s Gaze (Curse)
  • Orthanc’s Devilry (Opportune Strike) or Drums of Barad-dûr (Might of Soldiers)
Elven Cloak
Berserker’s Gaze
Orthanc’s Devilry
Army Unit Composition

Physical Damage units lack the correct damage type to wipe Swan Knights so the three best options are choosing units that deal Focus, Burn, and Poison Damage, units that can target specific units, or a combination of the two. An optimal troop composition is the use of Mountain Trolls with a targeting unit (ex. Reaper, Sniper, Dúnedain) and/or Alchemists. Alchemists can take care of the Swan Knights while the targeting units cut down Éowyn’s damage dealing units.

When in an Elven Faction, refrain from using Snipers because Gondor tacticians will likely use anti-ranged units in their army compositions. Additionally, Reapers are a safer option, when compared with Dúnedains, because they will always target the enemy with the lowest defence (rather than just ranged units).

Note: Ram Riders are a decent alternative in roleplay servers where tacticians will not have access to Alchemists, Snipers, or Reapers.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you found it helpful.


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