Erebor Units

Dwarven Footmen [Tier 1]

Shieldbearer [Tier 2]

Guardian [Tier 3]

Axe Thrower [Tier 1]

Heavy Axe Thrower [Tier 2]

Master Thrower [Tier 3]

Goat Rider [Tier 2]

Ram Rider [Tier 3]

Iron Warrior [Tier 4] [Unique]

An Incredibly powerful Melee infantry unit albeit slow as with all dwarven infantry. Iron Warriors fulfil several roles simultaneously which is one of the reasons they are so potent. They have solid base damage stats which are further buffed against Melee due to Battler’s Bane ability, they have very high defence also making them a tank with is further strengthened by Full Armour ability and lastly the have the best siege stats in the game for the Forces of good.