Lord of the Rings: Rise to War uses 4 different types of damage and each unit has a damage range that it may inflict during each combat round. These are explained below;

Maximum/Minimum Damage

Each unit type has a damage range [x-x]. Minimum being the left number, maximum being the right number. So when a unit is granted, or succumbed to, maximum or minimum damage, it is referring to those numbers.

Physical Damage

Physical Damage is the most common type of damage you will encounter. It is affected by Might.

Focus Damage

Focus damage is the second most common type of damage. Alongside Burn and Poison damage, they deal damage without being influenced by targets’ defence. It is affected my Focus.

Poison Damage

Affected by Focus and ignores unit defence. Poison damage is sometimes a damage over time skill, which means it will deal damage throughout the battle for [x]-amount of rounds.

Burn Damage

Affected by Focus and ignores unit defence. Some units such as Tree-Folk are highly susceptible to burn damage