Commander Stats

Lord of the Rings: Rise to War Commanders use 4 stats different stats that effect the commanders performance in all aspects of the game. These Stats are outlined and explained below;


Might affects a Commander’s normal attack damage and also any physical based skill damage. The commander’s Might stat also increases the armies damage by a percentage depending on the total Might.


Focus affects a Commander’s Burn, Poison, and Focus skill damage the higher the stat the larger the increase. Focus also reduces a percentage of damage received by the commander’s army in battle depending on the total Focus.


A Commanders Speed stat has 3 effects. Firstly it increases the commanders turn order in battle. secondly, It increases each units speed in battle and lastly it increases the armies march speed on the world map.


The Command stat determines the maximum number of troops each commander can control. Different units have different numbers of troops per command e.g mounted units have 50 troops per 1 command and basic infantry have 100 troops per command.