Rise to War Guide: Balin (Retaliate Build)

Balin is a dwarven commander with the usual Durin’s Blood (commander damage-dealing skills) and Warrior of Lonely Mountain (troop damage reduction) titles occupying his R3 and R5 branches, respectively. However, his R0 branches differ by heavily emphasizes troop healing and troop buffs. While many may think that Balin is a weak commander with significantly less commander damage-dealing potential in comparison to his other dwarven counterparts, there is a very niche build that makes Balin an absolute powerhouse on the battlefield.

Rise to War Guide: Gandalf the Grey vs Gondor

Gandalf the Grey is a versatile commander with great PVE and PVP potential. He relies on inflicting Stuns and damage debuffing enemies. Additionally, he can also heal allies and help them avoid damage every few rounds. See the results of battle from multiple Gondor armies as they face off against Gandalf the Grey in PVP. Discover what works well for Gandalf, what doesn’t work so well, and how to optimize Gandalf the Grey for PVP against Gondor:

Rise to War Guide: Haldir

Haldir is a versatile commander with an affinity for buffing troop damage. As the Faction commander for Lothlórien and Lindon, Haldir works well with ranged units (as is the way with Elves in lore) and beasts.

Rise to War Guide: New Commander Qurwan

Two new commanders have arrived in Middle Earth! Check out some ideas on potential Qurwan builds in addition to the items received from opening 100 Journey’s Eve Mathom chest.

Rise to War Guide: Éowyn

Éowyn is a shieldmaiden of Rohan, the sister of Éomer, and the adopted daughter of Théoden. She is a great warrior and hates nothing more than to stay behind when men go to war. Fearless, but also compassionate and loved by the Rohirrim, she will protect her kingdom no matter what.