Angmar Units

Orc Archer [Tier 1]

Average Damage, HP & Defence for Tier 1 ranged unit meaning it needs a melee line to protect it. Cunning Ability adds additional poison damage.

Orc Crossbowman [Tier 2]

Low base Damage and average HP and Defence for Tier 2 ranged unit. Makes up for its low base attack with Duel Blows Ability which grants a chance to attack twice per round.

Morgal Arbalest [Tier 3]

Base stats make the unit look poor due to low Damage stats however this is made up by both abilities. Cunning adds poison damage and Duel Blows the chance to attack twice per round. This makes the potential damage output very high once fully upgraded.

Scout [Tier 1]

Average damage and HP, low defence and good speed for Tier 1. Mounted ability improves survivability.

Tracker [Tier 2]

Average damage but below average HP & Defence for Tier 2 Cavalry. Good Speed and ability to focus low damage units with a damage buff.

Raider [Tier 3]

Powerful anti-mounted unit – Has above average base damage and with Predator ability gains damage buff against mounted units making them very powerful. Low defence for Melee cavalry means they require a tank/commander abilities to protect them.

Stalker [Tier 2]

Average Melee unit with good speed for infantry. Execution Ability makes the unit do increased damage as the fight goes on. With a strong tank protecting them can deliver good Damage.

Reaper [Tier 3]

Like Stalkers they become more powerful as the battle continues thanks to Execution Ability. However their true usefulness comes in the Culling ability that allows them to prioritise the enemy unit with the lowest Defence and for increased damage. Low Defence units are usually the high Damage dealers so this is a powerful counter skill.

Fallen [Tier 4] [Unique]

Good HP, Speed and Defence with average Damage already make Fallen a good choice. However they have a unique ability Spite that increases their Damage output each time they receive damage and this stacks up to 10 times. Pair this with the right commander to keep them alive and they can deliver extremely potent Damage.