Rise to War News: Side by Side Event

What about side by side with a friend?
What about side by side with a friend?

The Side by Side event has arrived in Middle-earth! Don’t miss the opportunity to gain Gems, Mathom Medals, and resources in this week-long event. Pair up with friends (or foes) to complete challenges and earn rewards. Additionally, check out the new event Mathom Chest which provides specific tier 2 commander gifts for every 10 draws.


Side by Side Objectives
Side by Side Objectives
Side by Side Rewards

The Side by Side event requires two tacticians working together to complete a series of objectives. The cooperation of both parties will ensure that maximum rewards are earned.

Note: Tacticians can only complete one set of challenges at a time. If a tactician is already in a bond with another tactician, they cannot take an additional set of challenges with another tactician.

Chat objectives
Chat Objectives
Chat Objectives

To complete this challenge, both parties should Befriend each other and send 10 messages to the other through Direct Messages (DMs). To complete the third objective, either party should DM the beer emoji (“{21}”).

Solve Riddles Objectives
Solve Riddles Objectives
Solve Riddles Objectives

Both parties must answer all riddles correctly to complete this challenge. The riddles can be done separately and there is no limit to how many times a tactician can repeat the riddle challenge (if answered incorrectly).

See the following for current riddles and answers.

Note: The list may be incomplete.

Riddles & Answers

Who defeated Uglúk’s Uruk-hai army that was dispatched by Saruman?


When was Aragorn and Arwen’s wedding ceremony held?


Who did the Mouth of Sauron claim to capture in order to threaten Gandalf during the War of the Ring?

Frodo & Sam

What race fought on Mûmakil’s backs?


Who did the Corsairs of Umbar mainly target?


How many children do Sam and his wife have?


Who was the first Uruk-hai that Saruman made?


Where did Faramir and Éowyn first meet each other?

The Houses of Healing in Minas Tirith

Who eavesdropped on the conversation about the One Ring between Gandalf and Frodo?


Where did Gimli bring Legolas after the War of the Ring?

The Glittering Caves

Cooperate Objectives
Cooperate Objectives
Cooperate Objectives

Both parties must dispatch a Commander to complete the tasks. These tasks operate in the same way as Tavern Tips so make sure to choose a commander that isn’t needed immediately. Additionally, certain pairs of commanders will earn a Special Commander combos. Pair up the right commanders to gain 20 extra Gems.


  • Tap each available commander of choice to see if any will provide the Special Commander combo extra rewards. For example:
    • Legolas pairs with Aragorn and Gimli.
    • Aragorn pairs with Arwen, Legolas, and Gimli.
Companionship Objectives
Companionship Objectives
Companionship Objectives

To complete these challenges, both parties should work together to complete the corresponding tasks.

Limited Event Gift Packs

The Wealth of Friendship Special Offer
The Wealth of Friendship Special Offer
The Wealth of Friendship
The Wealth of Friendship
Companionship Commander Special Gift
Companionship Commander Special Gift

The limited event gift packs provide tacticians with the opportunity to refill their cache of Mathom Medals with The Wealth of Friendship gift pack (which can be bought three times). Tacticians can also acquire a new set of stickers from The Wealth of Friendship Special Offer. If tacticians are lucky enough to gain a new tier 3 commander from the Side by Side Chest or are looking to get those last few commander gifts, the Companionship Commander Special Gift may be a good pack to buy.

Side by Side Chest

Side by Side Chest

The Side by Side Chest is a new opportunity for tacticians to acquire the following commander gifts:

  • Athelas (Aragorn II)
  • Mallorn Leaf (Legolas/Arwen)
  • Torn Pages from Mazarbul’s Tome (Dwalin/Gimli)
  • Bamfurlong Mushroom (Frodo & Sam)
  • Black Númenórean Tincture (Azru-Khôr/Mouth of Sauron)
  • Unstable Oil (Lurtz)
  • Orcish Tincture (Uglúk)
  • Orc Officer Medal (Grishnákh/Gothmog)

However, not that only one type of commander gift can be chosen. Additionally, the choice of gift does not affect what type of chest (Good or Evil) tacticians can choose to draw from.

Side by Side Chest: 100 Draws

Results from 100 draws from the Evil Side by Side Chest (percentages are out of 300):

  • 121 Commander Gifts Total (40.33%)
    • 9 Flawless Commander Gifts (3%)
    • 13 Exquisite Commander Gifts (6 Guaranteed Exquisite+ Gifts) (4.33%)
    • 17 Fine Commander Gifts (5.67%)
    • 82 Superior Commander Gifts (27.33%)
  • 177 Equipment Total (59%)
    • 1 Flawless Equipment (0.33%)
    • 9 Exquisite Equipment (4 Guaranteed Exquisite+ Gifts) (3%)
    • 81 Fine Equipment (27%)
    • 86 Superior Equipment (28.67%)
  • 2 Invites Total (0.67%)
    • 1 Tier 3 Invite (0.33%)
    • 1 Tier 2 Invite (0.33%)
Sauron Invite

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