Rise to War Guide: Gandalf the Grey vs Gondor

Gandalf the Grey is a versatile commander with great PVE and PVP potential. He relies on inflicting Stuns and damage debuffing enemies. Additionally, he can also heal allies and help them avoid damage every few rounds. See the results of battle from multiple Gondor armies as they face off against Gandalf the Grey in PVP. Discover what works well for Gandalf, what doesn’t work so well, and how to optimize Gandalf the Grey for PVP against Gondor:

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Gandalf the Grey Build

The following build will be used throughout all PVP battles shown in this guide. However, there may be some fluctuation with troop compositions.

Gandalf the Grey Skills and Equipment

This Gandalf the Grey is optimized for battle against non-Physical Damage dealing commanders. The Grey has the optimal number of chances to activate due to Surge, Blindside and the Cutlass (Smite). Wizard provides Stuns and Mithrandir and White Council reduce damage received. Finally, High Alert reduces the damage taken from non-Physicals Damage dealing units and commanders.


However, Gandalf the Grey’s equipment is not the best. While the Cutlass and Worn-out Smoking Pipe serve to give Gandalf the Grey’s army a little extra durability, his Scale Mail has the wrong special effect (Might is not very useful for Gandalf the Grey) and the High Elf’s Helmet special effect is very situational.

Army Unit Composition

Mountain Trolls, Alchemists, and Corsairs are invaluable against Gondor due to their heavy usage of Swan Knights. The Alchemists deal far more damage than any Physical Damage dealing unit because they ignore the defence stat. However, targeting units (ex. Dúnedains) are a decent alternative to avoiding Swan Knights.

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