Rise to War Guide: Haldir

Might Focus Speed
89 (+1.78/Level) 65 (+1.06/Level) 77 (+1.26/Level)

Haldir is a versatile commander with an affinity for buffing troop damage. As the Faction commander for Lothlórien and Lindon, Haldir works well with ranged units (as is the way with Elves in lore) and beasts. Additionally, Haldir is great at countering units that rely on avoidance (ex. Sentinels) and can dish out decent commander damage too. Haldir doesn’t need to be at R5 to have a decent build and there are various army compositions that work well on him for certain situations. 

Note: These are suggestions only and may be subject to change under certain circumstances.

Skill Tree

Haldir heavily favours dealing high damage in the first few rounds of battle and this is further aided by the stun immunity he receives when maxing out Guide. To mitigate damage received, Haldir gains avoidance from Marchwarden of Lórien and heals from Armed Escort. At R3, Haldir can gain better healing skills for beasts and can deal poison damage on normal attacks. R5 primarily provides ranged units with damage reduction and damage increases.  

Top tree
Marchwarden of Lórien
Cull the Weak
Bottom Tree
Armed Escort
Respect 3 tree
Silvan Elf
Beast Training
Forest Agility
Respect 5 tree
Shield Training

Skill Builds

Respect 1 [Starter Build]
  • Guide (15/15) 
    • Armed Escort (7/7) 
  • Marchwarden of Lórien (1/15) 

Note: Allocate any additional points at your own discretion. 

Guide is a must have for any build of Haldir’s. It boosts the damage of all units and provides them with stun immunity. Guide is the trade off for having almost no adequate healing skill early game (i.e. high damage in the early rounds of battle to counteract inadequate healing skills). Armed Escort is one of the two healing skills that Haldir has and, while it does heal, it cannot adequately sustain the number of losses incurred. Do not bother with Foresight in the early stages of the server because you will rarely be fighting enemies that have avoidance. 

Haldir’s Top Tree provides commander physical damage and buffs to commander Might and Focus. The Cull the Weak skill is decent because it can activate every other round and is great at targeting high damage units (units with the lowest defence). The Elite skill is a waste of skill points and hardly provides more than a 10- to 20-point stat difference. The Top Tree is not worth it in comparison to Haldir’s Bottom Tree but always invest 1 point towards Marchwarden of Lórien to get its avoidance effect.  

If you do not have Haldir at R3 yet, maintain the following build: 

  • Guide (15/15) 
    • Armed Escort (7/7) 
    • Foresight (7/7)* 
  • Marchwarden of Lórien (15/15) 
    • Cull the Weak (6/7) 

*Foresight is very situational and is only useful against units that have avoidance. It is not needed in the late stages of the game when in Lothlórien or Lindon (due to special troops). You can allocate its skill points to other skills if it is not needed. 

respect 1/3 build [Beast Build]
  • Guide (15/15) 
    • Armed Escort (7/7) 
    • Foresight (7/7)* 
  • Marchwarden of Lórien (1/15) 
  • Silvan Elf (15/15) 
    • Beast Training (7/7) 

Note: Allocate any additional points at your own discretion. 

Haldir’s beast build enables him to sustain more damage due to acquiring his Beast Training skill which heals all beasts. This is most effective on Beornings and Great Beasts (or Mûmakil if playing on a non-roleplay server). Additionally, Haldir is also able to deal poison damage when inflicting normal attacks due to his Silvan Elf title. If planning to capture and hire neutral units, this is the best build for Haldir. 

Respect 1/3 build [commander damage]
  • Guide (15/15) 
    • Armed Escort (7/7) 
  • Marchwarden of Lórien (15/15) 
    • Cull the Weak (7/7) 
  • Silvan Elf (9/15) 

Note: Allocate any additional points at your own discretion. 

If not planning to capture beasts while Haldir is not R5 yet, his commander damage build is the next best option. This build maxes out his damage dealing skills and they will provide more damage than Haldir’s Silvan Elf title (around 10k more damage). However, Haldir’s Beast Training makes up for the loss in damage by increasing his army’s ability to sustain damage so the pay off in damage is negligible.

Respect 5 build [Impart wisdom max] [Beast Build]
  • Guide (15/15) 
    • Armed Escort (7/7)* 
  • Marchwarden of Lórien (1/15) 
  • Silvan Elf (15/15)
    • Beast Training (6/7)**
  • Galadrim (15/15)
    • Shield Training (6/7)**

Note: Allocate any additional points at your own discretion. 

This is the best build for a quick and highly damaging first few rounds of battle. Haldir’s Guide and Galadrim work well with ranged units and his Beast Training skill enables units such as Beornings to act as effective, damaging tanks.

*You can replace Armed Escort with Forest Agility (or any of the other accessible skills). Armed Escort is not the most effective skill due to its low damage/low healing ability and can easily be outdone by Forest Agility (especially if it activates in the fist two rounds).

**Fortify and Shield Training are two decent skills and can replace Beast Training if applicable. They are especially good when the enemy has Dúnedain or other targeting skills equipped but are very situational.  


Haldir works well with equipment that can boost speed (due to his Galadrim title). He also works well with Ranged Units so any equipment that buffs them is key. Additionally, Haldir would benefit from Madness protection because he relies on early battle damage to sustain his armies throughout battle. 

Note: Use your discretion when swapping from one tier of equipment to another. Strengthened/refined equipment of a lower tier may be better than unstrengthened/unrefined equipment of a higher tier.

Fine Equipment Build
  • Ranger’s Dagger (Melee Might)
  • Leather Armor (Ranged Vigour)
  • Haradrim’s Scarf (Ranged Vigour)
Ranger’s Dagger
Leather Armour
Haradrim’s Scarf
Exquisite Equipment Build
  • Mirkwood Bow (Ranged Might)
  • Scout’s Mail (Deftness)
  • Trapper’s Hood (Hysteria, Poison, Ranged Vigour) or Horseman’s Helm (Resolve)
  • Harp of Lothlórien (Elves Strength, Sustain)
Mirkwood Bow
Scout’s Mail
Trapper’s Hood
Harp of Lothlorien
Flawless Equipment Build
  • Bow of the High Elves (Might of Elves, Rend)
  • Elven Cloak (Resistance, Hazard Training)
  • High Elf’s Helmet (Resolve of Elves)
  • Lothlórien Belt (Iron Guard, Might of Elves)
Bow of the High Elves
Elven Cloak
High Elf’s Helmet
Lothlórien Belt

Army Unit Composition

Haldir’s Guide (R1 Skill) is universally applicable to all units so if you don’t have his R5 Skill Tree unlocked, you don’t have to use ranged units. Additionally, Haldir can be equipped with all mounted units when built with his Commander Damage build. However, once Galadhrim is unlocked, Haldir is most effective with ranged units.  

The optimal, general troop composition to equip Haldir with is some form of ranged units and another tank-like unit (ex. Cataphracts, Guardians). Sentinels are a more reliable choice in comparison to Sharpshooters. Pair them with ranged Faction special units (ex. Marchwarden) or Snipers/Arbalests (when playing on a non-roleplay server).

Ranged Unit Options
  • Sentinels – reliable damage dealers with avoidance
  • Arbalests – optimal for dealing high damage
  • Snipers – decent against other Good Elven Factions (especially against a Dúnedain/ranged unit composition)
Tank Unit Options
  • Cataphracts – against melee units
  • Dragoon – optimal against Good Elven Factions
  • Beornings – decent tanks with beast build

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you found it helpful.


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