Rise to War Guide: New Commander Qurwan

Qurwan and Elrohir.

Two new commanders have arrived in Middle Earth! Elrohir, brother to Elladan and Arwen, is a Tier 2 Elven commander with healing and passive damage boosting skills. Qurwan is one of the unnamed Nazgûl and a Tier 2 Undead commander with a diverse set of skills that can counter Elves, Dwarves, and Men units. Check out some ideas on potential Qurwan builds in addition to the items received from opening 100 Journey’s Eve Mathom chest.

Note: This is only theory crafting and is yet to be verified.


Strength Focus Speed
89 (+1.95/Level) 88 (+1.76/Level) 45 (0.9/Level)

Qurwan is an Undead support commander with an almost equal Might and Focus ratio. However, he is quite slow (the slowest of all the Nazgûl commanders currently) at low levels. But don’t let that deter you from choosing him because his speed will increase to the high 90’s at Lv. 50 and even further with equipment and buffs.

His unique equipment, Ebony Dancer, buffs Might, Focus, and Speed while also providing damage debuffs to enemy units and damage buffs for allied units. This works well with Qurwan’s general build as he mainly reduces the damage dealt by enemy units while buffing the damage dealt by allied units. Qurwan has no healing skills, so damage reduction is key.

Ebony Dancer

Skills Analysis

Qurwan’s R1 and R3 Trees are curated towards the three types of Good Faction units (Elves, Dwarves, and Men). The Catastrophe of Elves/Dwarves/Men skills all prevent their respective unit types from healing which is incredibly useful against certain Good Faction commanders. However, Qurwan has no healing skills or protection from negative status effects. Ultimately, Qurwan could be a good PVP commander against a whole host of Good commanders but will fall flat in PVE and when facing off against Evil commanders (with Evil units).

Top Tree
Catastrophe of Elves
Everlasting Torture

The Top Tree has Nimbleness which reduces Ranged damage received and Everlasting Torture which decreases overall damage cumulatively in each consecutive round of battle (to a total of 70% by round 10 at max level). Both are universally good as many Good Faction commanders rely on ranged units for damage output.

Bottom Tree
Catastrophe of Dwarves
Armour Corrosion
Consequence of Greed

The Bottom Tree has Amour Corrosion which can negate a percentage of all enemy unit’s defence (up to 35%) and Consequence of Greed which can inflict Madness on all enemy units in Round 1 (100% chance at maximum level). Although decent against Iron Warriors, this skill tree is useless in the long run because Qurwan will most likely use Alchemists or Corsairs, both of which deal burn damage that isn’t affected by a unit’s defence stat, and Nazgûl Screech can replace Consequence of Greed.

Respect 3 (R3 Tree)
Morgul Poison
Nazgûl Screech

The R3 Tree boosts the effectiveness of units like Alchemists and Corsairs by buffing their burn damage. Additionally, Morgul Poison and Nazgûl Screech can help trigger Qurwan’s Feint skill (R5 skill) faster. All skills in this branch can universally target all enemies making it a good replacement to Qurwan’s Bottom Tree when you have unlocked the R3 Tree.

Respect 5 (R5 Tree)
Catastrophe of Men

The R5 Tree has Intimidation which reduces the enemy commander’s Might and can potentially stun them and Feint which boosts all units next damage for every 5 instances of damage that Qurwan deals. With the right skills and equipment, Qurwan’s Feint can trigger every 2 to 3 rounds. Additionally, Catastrophe of Men is an excellent counter to Gondor and Rohan (whose commanders tend to rely on healing). Most Good Faction tacticians will be using Gondor’s units as tanks if they value speed which makes this skill tree universally good against the majority of Good Faction commander builds.

Skill Builds

Qurwan is versatile and has a build to counter every Good unit and healing commander. However, Qurwan has no skills to directly counter Evil units or commanders so avoid them. Additionally, Quran has no skills to counter negative status effects so avoid Good commanders like Gandalf the Grey. Here are a few suggestions that may work well against certain Factions:

Gondor/Rohan Counter [r5 build] [impart wisdom max]
  • Catastrophe of Men (15/15)
    • Feint (7/7)
  • Ringwraith (15/15)
    • Morgul Poison (1/7)
    • Nazgûl Screech (1/7)
  • Catastrophe of Elves (15/15)
    • Nimbleness (3/7)
    • Everlasting Torture (7/7)

Note: Allocate any additional points at your discretion. Switch around Nimbleness and Everlasting Torture with Morgul Poison and Nazgûl Screech depending on the types of units Gondor/Rohan tacticians use.

This build may work well against Gondor/Rohan tacticians who use Éowyn, Éomer (troop buff build), and Théoden. They tend to favour Mounted Units and usually rely on cataphracts (or Swan Knights) for tanks. By depriving these builds of healing effects, they’ll die a lot more quickly. Additionally, these commanders tend not to inflict negative status effects (unless they’ve equipped certain helmets) which is important because Qurwan has no protection against inflicted status effects.

LothlÓrien/Arnor/Lindon Counter [R5 build] [Impart Wisdom Max]
  • Catastrophe of Men (15/15)
    • Feint (7/7)
  • Ringwraith (11/15)
    • Morgul Poison (1/7)
    • Nazgûl Screech (1/7)
  • Catastrophe of Elves (15/15)
    • Nimbleness (7/7)
    • Everlasting Torture (7/7)

Note: Allocate any additional points at your discretion.

These tacticians will likely use elven ranged units with Gondor units as tanks (unless it’s Legolas with Dwarf-friend). This build will reduce the amount of damage received from ranged units while also providing allied troops with the optimal build for damage buffing. Additionally, Rohan commanders can be countered by this build too.


Switch Catastrophe of Elves or Men for Catastrophe of Dwarves if you are going to be fighting Erebor and you are having difficulties with their Iron Warriors. Keep Catastrophe of Men if you think your opponents will be using Rohan commanders or keep Catastrophe of Elves if you think your opponents will be pairing Iron Warriors with a ranged unit. Place the excess points in Morgul Poison or Nazgûl Screech.


Qurwan’s Catastrophe of Elves/Dwarves/Men skill is affected by Might while Nazgûl Screech relies on Focus. Equipment that can boost both with good special effects is key. Things to keep in mind when choosing equipment:

  • Qurwan will use Alchemists, so Orthanc’s Devilry with Opportune Strike is best
  • Qurwan’s Feint relies on additional commander damage each round
  • Qurwan will most likely only use Melee Units
  • Qurwan has no protection from negative status effects (Good commanders usually inflict Stun)

Note: Use your discretion when swapping from one tier of equipment to another. Strengthened/refined equipment of a lower-tier may be better than unstrengthened/unrefined equipment of a higher tier.

Fine Equipment Build
  • Uruk-hai Pike (Pierce)
  • Rough Breastplate (Melee Vigour)
  • Old Casque (Melee Vigour)
Uruk-hai Pike
Rough Breastplate
Old Casque
Exquisite Equipment Build
  • Uruk-hai Broadsword (Blaze, Pierce)
  • Quilted Armour (Melee Vigour, Focus Protection)
  • Bone Mask (Hysteria) or Horseman’s Helm (Warding)
  • Bone Talisman (Evil Men Strength)
Uruk-hai Broadsword
Quilted Armour
Bone Mask
Bone Talisman
Flawless Equipment Build
  • Morgul Blade (Blight, Poison Coating)
  • Warborn Battle Plate (Fortitude of Soldiers)
  • Berserker’s Gaze (Curse, Resolve of Uruk-hai)
  • Orthanc’s Devilry (Opportune Strike)
Morgul Blade
Warborn Battle Plate
Berserker’s Gaze
Orthanc’s Devilry

Army Unit Composition

Qurwan works well with Alchemists and Corsairs. Utilize Mountain Trolls to soak up damage from early rounds of battle and rely on Nimbleness and Everlasting Torture for the remaining rounds. Ideally, use a minimal amount of Mountain Trolls because their taunt only lasts three rounds.

The Journey’s Eve: 100 Draws

Results of 100 draws from the Good Commanders Journey’s Eve Chest (percentages are out of 300):

  • 133 Commander Gifts Total (44.33%)
    • 7 Flawless Commander Gifts (1 Guaranteed Exquisite+ Gift) (2.33%)
    • 15 Exquisite Commander Gifts (11 Guaranteed Exquisite+ Gifts) (5%)
    • 20 Fine Commander Gifts (6.67%)
    • 91 Superior Commander Gifts (30.33%)
  • 166 Equipment Total (55.33%)
    • 1 Flawless Equipment (1 Guaranteed Exquisite+ Gift) (0.33%)
    • 14 Exquisite Commander Gifts (7 Guaranteed Exquisite+ Gifts) (4.67%)
    • 77 Fine Equipment (25.67%)
    • 74 Superior Equipment (24.67%)
  • 1 Tier 1 Commander Invite (0.33%)

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you found it helpful.


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