Rise to War Guide: Red Book of Westmarch Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Guide Format

Every chapter is sectioned into their respective stages and each stage has two key sections that are vital to the walkthrough. See below for more information on how to use these sections:

Allies and Enemies

These two sections map the allied commanders that you have at your disposal for each chapter and the enemy commanders that they will face. Allies will always be in a bullet point list while enemies will be shown as a slide show. Their labels will map directly to the labels allocated in the Red Book. See below for an example from Chapter 1: War of the Last Alliance (Stage 1-1).

  • Witch-king’s Army
  • Khamûl’s Army
  • The Shadow’s Army
  • The Undying’s Army
War of the Last Alliance (Stage 1-1)

However, the enemy commanders may have the same names (ex. Sindar Elves) so their army composition will be specified to help you distinguish them from one another. Additionally, if their army compositions are also the same, they will be marked with an “A” and “B” and their picture will help you distinguish them. See below for an example:

Both enemies have the same name (Rohan Army) and army composition (Outrider) so they are distinguished by their label (A or B) and picture.


The walkthrough section is provided as a procedure in the following format:

  • [Allied Commander] battles [Enemy Commander]
  • [Allied Commander] battles [Enemy Commander]
  • etc.

The Allied Commander and Enemy Commander comes directly from the Allies and Enemies section (refer to these sections if you are confused as to what commander the walkthrough is using).

Some steps may be unnecessary depending on how RNG plays out. If a commander destroys an enemy commander in one go but the next step in the procedure indicates for a different commander to attack the destroyed target, ignore that step.

Stay tuned for a video version of the walkthrough soon.

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you found it helpful.


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