Rise to War Guide: Éowyn

Éowyn is a shieldmaiden of Rohan, the sister of Éomer, and the adopted daughter of Théoden. She is a great warrior and hates nothing more than to stay behind when men go to war. Fearless, but also compassionate and loved by the Rohirrim, she will protect her kingdom no matter what.
Éowyn is a shieldmaiden of Rohan, the sister of Éomer, and the adopted daughter of Théoden. She is a great warrior and hates nothing more than to stay behind when men go to war. Fearless, but also compassionate and loved by the Rohirrim, she will protect her kingdom no matter what.
Might Focus Speed
80 (+1.75/level) 71 (+1.03/level) 107 (+1.54/level)

Éowyn is one of the best tier 1 (T1) commanders and can easily hold her ground against many tier 2 and tier 3 commanders. As the Faction commander for Rohan, Éowyn synergizes well with all mounted units and is especially challenging when put in the command of Marshals. This makes her a particularly good PVP and PVE commander, especially when her Respect 5 (R5) skills are unlocked.

Note: These are suggestions only and may be subject to change under certain circumstances.

Skill Tree

Éowyn’s skill tree heavily favours damage buffs for herself, mounted units, and the race of Men. At Respect 1 (R1) and Respect 3 (R3), Éowyn is an excellent commander for buffing troops and dealing damage. However, she is less durable without any healing skills available. R5 is when Éowyn truly becomes formidable as she gains the ability to heal mounted troops and further buffs the damage of certain units. See below for Éowyn’s skills and potential builds:

Top Tree
Bottom Tree
Respect 3 Tree (R3 Tree)
Respect 5 Tree (R5 Tree)

Skill Builds

Respect 1/3 Build [Starter Build]
  • Rohirrim (15/15)
    • Riding Excellence (7/7)

Note: Allocate any additional points at your own discretion.

This is a starter build for when the White Lady of Rohan title is not accessible. Éowyn’s R1 and R3 skill trees provide damage buffs (Bottom Tree, R3 Tree) and damage reduction (Top Tree) but offer no healing. Her Rohirrim title and Riding Excellence skill are a ‘must-have’ if you plan on using Mounted Units with Éowyn. From there, you can build the Top Tree or the R3 Tree depending on your circumstances.

Éowyn’s Top Tree provides decent skill damage and potential damage reduction from Shieldmaiden but its 40% chance of activating is why Riding Excellence is considered a better skill. Attack Vitals is Éowyn’s highest damage dealing skill due to its Round 1 recharge rate and Defensive Stance provides another layer of damage reduction.

Éowyn’s R3 Tree boosts her damage dealt (especially against Large units) and can counter units that rely on speed. Again, Dernhelm’s passive abilities are still better than Shieldmaiden. However, her Giant Slayer skill is only good in certain situations and is a waste of skill points when not against Large units.

Both trees are decent and can tie you over until you get Éowyn to R5. However, we’ve provided a suggested starter build in the event that this has left you indecisive:

  • Rohirrim (15/15)
    • Riding Excellence (7/7)
    • Cleave (7/7)
  • Dernhelm (15/15)
    • Cripple (7/7)
Respect 5 Build [Best Build]
  • White Lady of Rohan (15/15)
    • Frontline Rescue (7/7)
    • Nobility (7/7)
  • Rohirrim (15/15)
    • Cleave (6/7)
    • Riding Excellence (7/7)

Note: Allocate any additional points at your own discretion.

This is the best build for Éowyn because it provides troop buffs and heals (as opposed to only troop buffs for R1 builds). White Lady of Rohan and Frontline Rescue may seem like insignificant healing skills compared to other commanders, but they are balanced on Éowyn because her army composition is built for dealing high damage early and consistently. Less heals are needed if the enemy cannot deal damage to their fullest potential. Additionally, White Lady of Rohan provides a Stun Immunity buff for all Mounted Units which will affect the equipment chosen later on (see Equipment section below). This build is purely troop buffing and healing, meaning that Éowyn will not be the main damage dealer.

Therefore, putting points into Cleave is up to personal preference. It’s a good skill for boosting commander damage but another decent alternative is putting 4 points into Dernhelm and 2 points into Cripple to counter units that rely on Speed (chiefly Marshals). This is a good option when you do not have access to Marshals (i.e. you’re not from the Rohan Faction).


Éowyn’s skills are modified by Speed so any piece of equipment that can boost commander speed is best. Additionally, she should only be placed with Mounted Units so equipment stats and special effects that boost those types of units are key. Emphasis is given to the Horseman’s Helm (Resolve) equipment as this will provide Madness Immunity for the first 3 rounds. This is important because Éowyn’s army composition needs to deal enough damage so that her heals can effectively sustain the rest of the battle. Stunning, Avoiding, or inflicting Madness in the first few rounds of battle can be devastating to Éowyn.

Note: Use your discretion when swapping from one tier of equipment to another. Strengthened/refined equipment of a lower tier may be better than unstrengthened/unrefined equipment of a higher tier.

Fine Equipment Build

Ranger’s Dagger
Rough Breastplate
Old Casque

Exquisite Equipment Build

Scout’s Mail
Horseman’s Helm
Hobbit Fiddle

Flawless Equipment Build

Reach of the Riddermark
Warborn Battle Plate
Casque of Pride
Fiddle of the Eldest

Army Unit Composition

Éowyn’s White Lady of Rohan skill can heal three units at a time so it’s best to compose her army of three Mounted Units. Marshals are the obvious choice if available and they go well with any of other Mounted Units.

The optimal troop composition is Marshals (Cataphracts if you don’t have Marshals), Cavaliers, and Bow Knights. Ram Riders can work instead of Bow Knight but their Trample skill leaves a lot up to chance (cannot control whether Marshals and Cavaliers will hit the same target that the Ram Riders did) and are really only effective in countering high defence troops like dwarves. Cataphracts can replace Cavaliers or Bow Knights if you have Marshals to provide more defence in your troop composition. However, they do not deal a lot of damage so if you use them, decrease their amount and increase the amount of Marshals and Bow Knights/Cavaliers in your army composition.

Units (Amount) Notes
Marshals (medium)
Cavaliers (medium)
Bow Knights (medium)
Optimal Troop Composition
Marshals (high)
Cataphracts (low)
Bow Knights (high)
Alternative Troop Composition
Marshals (high)
Cavalier (high)
Cataphracts (low)
Alternative Troop Composition
Marshals (high)
Cavaliers (high)
Ram Riders (low)
High Defence Unit Counter
Cavaliers (high)
Cataphracts (low)
Bow Knights (high)
Troop Composition Without Marshals

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you found it helpful.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    When are more commander guides coming? 🙂

    1. lizhi4 says:

      I hope to release more soon and there are many others on the official dicord server who have created amazing guides too.

  2. Anonymous says:

    How come the spear is better than the dawn sword? Also, is shrowd or deftness better on the armor? Is melee might or flay better on weapon?

    1. lizhi4 says:

      The Spear buffs the commander’s Speed and Might in addition to Mounted Unit’s Speed. The Dawn sword only buffs Commander Speed and the race of Men’s Speed (by a 1 point difference). I prefer the Spear because Éowyn’s Rohirrim skill is modified by her Speed stat so buffing that is good. Additionally, the Spear’s unit Speed buff applies to Mounted Units which would include Bow Knights and Ram Riders (unlike Dawn’s buff).

      1. Anonymous says:

        I see, though Dawn buff the commander speed as well as men speed as well. I thought that Eowyn will be running full men due to nobility.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Guys, why using knights? Isnt better the Rohirim vanguard?

    1. Anonymous says:

      Sorry, My bad. Cavaliers is the name.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Isnt Mend better than sutstain?

    1. lizhi4 says:

      Mend is good for commanders that are completely reliant on heals (like Arwen). Éowyn relies on her army’s damage output to reduce the amount of damage she receives. Her heals sustain her but it’s not like she would completely fall apart without them. This is why I prefer to have Sustain (rather than Mend). Mend only works on one unit but Éowyn should always have three unit types. If she has two Melee Mounted Units and Bow Knights, Mend has a chance to be wasted on the Bow Knights. Additionally, Mend can activate on the wrong Melee Mounted Unit. Sustain works well because it is like Éowyn’s White Lady of Rohan skill. However, that is just my personal preference.

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