Rise to War Guide: Complete Walkthrough

A Complete Walkthrough for New Players

This is a guide that was completed by the members of ARDA to assist players with the general mechanics of how the game works

Tips and Tricks on Launch

When you first open the game, it can become a little overwhelming. Lots of buttons and windows with lots of information. This guide is to give you a little understanding of all that info and explain it in its simplest terms.

UI Overview

Settlement Overview

Middle Earth overview

Here is a map of Middle Earth. As you can see each Faction has its own specific starting place and capital. Each faction is a different colour. There are 8 playable factions within the game.


The top “Structures” shows all of the keeps and capitals organised by ring power per hour.


The “User” button, this shows all your personal tagged locations on the map.


The ‘Faction’ button displays all of your current faction keeps.


The ‘Fellowship’ button displays all of your fellowships important locations that have been assigned by your fellowships officers.


The ‘Landmarks’ button displays all landmarks owned by the faction including captured Springs.

The Tavern/Inn is located on the bottom right of your screen. (Prancing pony Inn sign). It is the place to go to recruit commanders as well as complete tips and complete the Red book.

Fellowship Tiles

Fellowship tiles can be moved onto, guarded and used as connecting tiles for you to path

Faction Tiles

Faction tiles can be used as connecting tiles for you to path – You can attack these tiles but this is treated as a betrayal and can have dire consequences.

Other Faction/Enemy Tiles

Other Faction/Enemy tiles can be attacked with a commander to take.

Your Tiles

You can do almost anything on your tiles. Build Forts, Guard, Move onto and use as connecting tiles.

Fellowship Fortress

Mock Battles / Resource gathering


Commanders Respect level

Commanders Might

Commanders Focus

Commanders Speed

Commanders Equipped Gear

Gear & Equipment

All commander’s can wear 4 pieces of gear. Weapons, Armour, Helmet’s and Accessories. You can obtain gear through tips, reward chests and mathom chests.

Troop Types


Ring Abilities


Boss Battles

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