Latest Patch News 27/Oct/2021


Middle-earth will be undergoing a one-hour maintenance from 27/Oct/2021 03:00 UTC to 27/Oct/2021 04:00 UTC.

All are welcome to converge at The Tavern Under the Hill to share a goblet of mead as we wait for the continent to open again!

Here’s a look at what’s new… đź‘€

Visual optimizations:
  1. The Tavern has been upgraded to a 3D environment, providing a more dynamic visual environment
  1. Optimized the Commander interface’s visual effects
  1. The “Reinforcement” function has been expanded to allow outfitting new units, removing units, and removing existing units’ soldiers. You no longer need to return to your Settlement to change an Army’s units
  1. The refresh period for the Mathom Peddler’s equipment and gift exchanges has been shortened to 72 hours
  1. Improved the way Season Progress events’ conclusion is reported
Bug Fixes:
  1. Fixed an issue that caused incorrect placement of Armies moving between Forts
  1. Fixed an error in GrĂ­ma’s “Wormtongue” title’s max level effect description. The actual effect remains the same
  1. Fixed an issue preventing the special attack effect of Mordor’s special unit “Ravager” from working correctly


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