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Middle-earth will be undergoing a one-hour maintenance on 20/Oct/2021 at 3:00 UTC. All are welcome to converge at The Tavern Under the Hill to share a goblet of mead as we wait for the continent to open again!

Here’s a look at what’s new… 👀

New Functions:
  1. You can now outfit armies that are currently stationed outside of your Settlement. The existing “Reinforcement” function has been expanded to allow players to add or recall units outfitted to an army, as well as recall soldiers from outfitted units.
    • Note: Newly outfitted units will march at a slower speed than normal reinforcements.
  1. Renamed the “Monthly Packs” section of the shop to “Periodic Benefits” and added the week-long “Digging for Treasure”.
    • If you haven’t bought “Extraction Spoils” , you will have one chance to buy it before maintenance on 11.27, where after it will not be available for future purchase.
    • If you already bought “Extraction Spoils” , you can continue claiming its rewards. After all rewards have been claimed, it will not be available for future purchase.
  1. Added models for Lindon’s and Arnor’s capitals on the minimap.
  1. Updated the visual appearance of the Mathom Chest interface and added a Mathom Medal exchange function.
  1. Optimized the search function , providing more detailed search conditions and the ability to search for Neutral Camps.
  1. Added a display bar that shows Armies’ current Command value on the main map.
  1. Forts and Fortresses will now feature a Faction icon.
  1. Items sold in the Market have been changed to only be valid in the current Season.
  1. Commanders can now change equipment at any time, even if outside the Settlement.
Bug Fixes:
  1. Fixed an issue that caused a break in the main task progression.


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