Rise to War Help: What Happens at the End of a Season?

Season 1: Rise to War

Seasons are a common aspect of multiplayer games and are widely used by many genres in the gaming industry. They can denote the next theme of cosmetics/skins or roll-out of content and usually last the duration of a few months. Lord of the Rings: Rise to War utilizes Seasons to signify the entirety of one game of Rise to War. Each server is its own Season (i.e., game) and tacticians must fight to achieve Seasonal Objectives until the time frame of the Season reaches completion (i.e., the game is finished). Read on to see what Seasons entail in Rise to War and how the transition to a new Season will affect you.

“A new season is a new beginning, where some progress will be reset and some will be kept. The world map will also be reset.

What is a “Season”?

A Season describes the duration from the first day of a server to the Season Cut-off Time.

Season Cut-off Time is a designated date and time that is set two to three months after the opening day of a server. As the name suggests, Season Cut-off Time signifies the end of a Season (i.e., cutting off a Season) meaning no Seasonal Objectives can be achieved past that point.

Within that period, Factions fight to acquire and maintain the following Seasonal Objectives:

Season 1: Rise to War Interface
  • Occupy Dol Guldur (600 Season Medals) – Your Faction occupies Dol Guldur.
  • Regional Control (400 Season Medals) – Your Faction controls ≥ 20 regions.
  • Capital Defence (300 Season Medals) – Your Faction’s Capitol remains in your Faction’s control (i.e., not captured by an opposing Faction).
  • Rings’ Power (100 Season Medals) – Ring Level reaches 40.

After the Season Cut-off Time, the server is reset and tacticians from servers of similar seasonal progression (i.e., tacticians who have completed Season 1) will be merged into a new Season server with the corresponding amount of Season Medals they earned from the previous Season.

The new Season server will bring greater challenges and new opponents as tacticians who have never fought each other gear up for PVP battles and dominating Fellowships/Warbands come face-to-face in the fight for The One Ring. New strategies will unfold as tacticians unlock the ability to mix Good and Evil commanders with the various races and peoples of Middle Earth to create the ultimate army compositions.

A new Season signifies the introduction of new content and features that will change the way that Rise to War is played.

Each new Season will have its own theme that builds on the core gameplay of Rise to War whilst introducing a unique twist. Lord of the Rings is a complex and diverse world rich with lore and riddled with evil. There will be no shortage of opportunities for tacticians to rise to the occasion and become heroes of Middle Earth as Rise to War dives into the fantastical world created by J. R. R. Tolkien. Season 1 is just the beginning…

I found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.

What are Season Titles?

Season Titles, similar to rankings in other multiplayer games, are a status that tacticians can acquire throughout a Season to proudly show off on their Player Profile. However, instead of grinding rank points, tacticians must work together to achieve Seasonal Objectives. Rise to War has five titles that have their own cumulative criteria to fulfill as seen below:

Season Title Interface

See the following table for the criteria required to achieve each title:

No criteriaRing’s PowerCapital Defence
Rings’ Power
Occupy Dol Guldur
Capital Defence
Rings’ Power
Regional Control
Occupy Dol Guldur
Capital Defence
Rings’ Power

Note: Refer to section, “What is a ‘Season’?” for descriptions of each Seasonal Objective.

What are the Season Rewards?

When a new season starts, Season Medal will be awarded based on completion of the previous season’s goals.

The amount of Season Medals awarded to tacticians is based on the number of Seasonal Objectives they achieved in the prior Season. Tacticians can earn a total of 1400 Season Medals for achieving all Seasonal Objectives and can spend them in the Season Store at the start of a new Season.

Season Store Interface

However, some Season Store items are only available to tacticians who hold certain titles. For example, in Season 1, the Mithril Coat will only be available to tacticians with the Dominator or Challenger title (i.e., tacticians who have captured Dol Guldur).

Mithril Coat Equipment

What Happens at the End of a Season?

All server progress at the Season Cut-off Time will be recorded and tacticians will no longer be able to achieve Seasonal Objectives past that point. For example, if tacticians managed to steal/take Dol Guldur after the Seasonal Cut-off Time, they would not get the Challenger/Dominator Title or the corresponding 600 Season Medals.

Tacticians will be notified when server merges occur and can prepare for them in a similar manner to how they prepared for the opening of Season 1 servers. There may be some server downtime while the new Season servers are being prepared but once they are ready, tacticians can join the new servers and choose a different (or the same) Faction to start again.

Tacticians will start from the beginning with Main Halls at level 1, but they will retain all commanders, equipment, and certain items they collected from previous Seasons. See, ‘What is Retained and Reset in the New Season?’ for an in-depth explanation.

What is Retained and Reset in a New Season?

Commanders (Respect Level, Gifts, Influence)

All commanders, commander respect levels, commander gifts, and influence will be retained in the new Season. None of these reset and nor are they taken away or reduced in any form.

Items (Equipment, Boosts, Special Items)

All equipment collected will be retained in its current state. Strengthened and/or refined equipment will maintain its current strengthened/refined state in the new Season and dismantled equipment (i.e., Equipment Fragments) will be retained as Equipment Fragments in their exact number.

This equipment is retained as is, in the new Season.

All items with the Seasonal Mark, “Only useable in the current season,” will be reset However, most of these items can easily be regained from in-game events and Sweeping. There are similar items without the Seasonal Mark that will be retained (including Mathom Medals). Some of these items can usually be found in the Market and occasionally from Tips acquired by Sweeping.

Universal Speed+ (5 minutes) with and without Seasonal Mark
Socials (Friends, Chat Groups)

The in-game friend’s list will be retained with all tacticians you’ve added as a friend. Additionally, chat groups will also be retained, ensuring an easy way to find your friends when the new Season arrives. However, correspondence such as direct messages (DMs) will be reset.

Resources (Wood, Stone, Ore, Grain, Gold, Power)

Resources such as wood, stone, ore, grain, and gold will reset. These cannot be transferred from an old Season into a new Season and thus, power will be reset too. Additionally, tactician’s ring appearance, ring level, and ring power will also reset back to level 1 in the new Season.

Structures (Settlements, Tiles, Units)

Settlement infrastructure will reset, and all tacticians will start with a Main Hall level 1 in the new Season again. Additionally, all tiles will reset meaning tacticians will have to capture tiles to generate resource income for their Settlement in the new Season.

Structure Overview at Main Hall level 10 in Season 1 and Main Hall level 1 reset preview
Server Progression (Fellowships, Factions, Server Map)

The new Season will reset the server map, creating a fresh Middle Earth for tacticians. All server progression such as complete server events will reset meaning tacticians will have to complete server events like The Journey Begins again to unlock commander experience gain from tips again. Additionally, Factions and Fellowship will be reset, and tacticians will have the option of choosing a different Faction when the new Season opens.

Server Map in Season 1 and Server Map reset preview
Purchases (Gems, Store Purchases, Monthly Packs)

All gems are retained from one Season to the next, regardless of whether they were purchased or awarded. Certain store purchases contain items that have the Seasonal Mark. These items will be reset if not consumed before the end of the season. However, other store purchases contain items that do not have the Seasonal Mark and are thus, retained.

Additionally, some purchases last for 30 days such as the Construction Queue Pack and the Monthly Packs. These packs will remain for their entire duration, regardless of the transition to a new Season. A server merge will not affect or reduce the Construction Queue or Monthly Packs length.

Commander Respect Levels
Commander Gifts
Equipment Fragments
Non-seasonal Marked Items
Special Items
Chat Groups
Mathom Medals
Monthly Packs
Construction Queue Item
Wood, Stone, Ore, Grain
Ring Appearance, Level, and Power
Seasonal Marked Items
Settlement Infrastructure
Server Map
Server Progression
Seasonal Marked Purchases


What if I started in a Good Faction for Season 1 but want to choose an Evil Faction for Season 2 (and vice versa)? Will I start with zero commanders?

Good and Evil commanders will not remain exclusively just for Good and Evil Factions in future Seasons. If you’ve collected Good commanders and choose an Evil Faction, your Good commanders will be able to lead Evil units. Essentially, Good and Evil commanders will be usable by all Factions, regardless of their alignment (i.e., regardless of if they’re Good or Evil).

How will the Season transition affect my construction queue item? Will my monthly pack carry over to the new season and will I lose any Gems/Mathom Medals due to the season transition?

If you haven’t consumed your construction queue item yet, then it will be retained (because it does not have a Seasonal Mark). However, if you have consumed it and there is additional time that will overlap with a server merge, you will not lose any of its duration in the event of server downtime.

The monthly pack will carry over to the new Season and no gems or Mathom Medals will be lost in the transition, even if the servers are down for a day.

I want to fight beside the same tacticians I did in Season 1. How will I find my Fellowship/Warband friends in the new Season?

Add them to your friends list in the current Season and you’ll be able to find them in the next Season. Additionally, you can use external chat applications like Discord to keep in touch.

I have two accounts that will merge into the same server when the end of the Season occurs. Will the accounts be merged into one or will they be kept as two separate accounts?

The accounts will act as two separate entities in the same server. No accounts will be merged with each other, but you will be able to log into both accounts.

Our Faction occupied Dol Guldur and we control more than 20 Regions. Have we won?

Not yet. Until Season Cut-off Time occurs, there is still time for other Factions to steal your regions or Dol Guldur. Fight tooth and nail to protect what you’ve captured until the Season Cut-off Time.

My Faction was practically empty in Season 1 and I am not with an organized group going into Season 2. Am I at a disadvantage?

Remember that a Faction wins as one. Even if you’re not with an organized group of players, you can still join them (whether they like it or not) by joining the same Faction that they will be joining in the new Season.

Who knows? Have patience. Go where you must go, and hope!

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you found it helpful.


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