Rise to War Guide: How to build your Commanders

Commander builds may be daunting at first and it may seem quicker to just assign skills and items at random with the mentality of, “yeah, that looks good!” However, despite what you may believe, there is an art to making commander builds and it requires skill (not luck) to make them work well.

However, before we get into that we need to understand the basics……

General Principles


Each commander can unlock three different tiers of skills at the following respect levels –

•    Tier 1 (2 Gold, 4 Blue Skills) = Respect 1
•    Tier 2 (1 Gold, 2 Blue Skills) = Respect 3
•    Tier 3 (1 Gold, 2 Blue Skills) = Respect 5

There are 2 different colours of Skills –

•   Gold = 15 upgradeable levels
•   Blue = 7 upgradeable levels (unlocked by levelling up the linked gold skill)


All commanders have the following three stats –

Might – Increases Troop & Commander physical damage
Focus– Increases Troop Defence & Commander Focus Dmg
Speed – Increases Commander & Troop Speed.

Right, now we understand the basics lets get onto building a commander. We will be using Éowyn as a model as we break down the process into separate stages……

Did you know Éowyn means “horse lover” in Anglo-Saxon (the language Tolkien used to represent Rohirric).

Step 1: What type of Commander are they?

the game actually helps you here and gives you a hint at the type of commander they are, however it is still up to you to decide how to play them. Lets look at Éowyn’s Card below –

There are 4 important bits of info to help you –

1.  Balanced This means she can be a damage-based commander or a troop leader depending on what you want/spec her as. It also means that at lvl 20 she will receive the following bonus –  

MightFocusSpeedSkill Points

2.Might (80) – This shows she is mainly set up to do physical damage

3. Focus (71) – Average Focus means she gives average dmg reduction

4. Speed (107) – She is a fast commander

For the purposes of this example, we will be building her as a Troop leader.

Step 2: Selecting the right Skills

When you are selecting skills to put ability points into, you should look to see if they compliment skills you have already selected OR if they will support the build you are planning.

Note: At low experience/respect level this can be more difficult since the choice of available skills are limited.

Let’s look at Éowyn’s Tier 1 skills to see what the options are and how to decide on skills:

As you can see, both of these choices are troop buffs so either would be solid choices for our desired build. With this information, we should now look at the skills each of these would unlock to help us decide which one we should pick.

Shieldmaiden Unlocks –

Both skills are primarily Damage based, although Defensive stance does provide a small 1 turn troop buff.

Rohirrim Unlocks –

Here we get one damage skill and one troop buff. The troop buff skill Riding Excellence is a constant damage reduction so it is better for our build than Defensive stance offered by Shieldmaiden.

With this information, we shall select Rohirrim as our first skill and allocate points into Riding excellence when available.

We will repeat this formula each time we unlock a new tier of skills.

It is important to remember than your choices are not final and you can spend 20 gems to refresh your skills.

Step 3: Equipping Items


Items are often overlooked or not treated with the reverence they deserve. Equipping the right items can transform your commander from average to top tier! There are 5 tiers of items –

Item equip interface

White (Common) – the lowest tier, not upgradable and only 1 basic stat increase

Green (Superior) – not upgradable and only 2 basic stat increases

Blue (Fine) Upgradable 3 times, unable to refine buff

Purple (Rare) – Upgradable 5 times, Able to refine Buff

Gold (Legendary) – Upgradable 5 times, Able to refine Buff

As well as the different tiers of items there are also 4 different types of Item –

Weapon –
Chest –
Head –
Accessory –*Unlocks after Respect level 1 obtained and only available in Rare and Legendary quality*

Once a piece of equipment is equipped, the commander has to become familiar with it (i.e., gain experience with it through battle). Whilst learning, the equipment’s stats are halved. If you unequip the item, the commander will have to become refamiliarized with it, so only unequip if you’re sure you want to change!

With our chosen Commander Éowyn we want items that buff mounted units, increase Speed & Might and ideally give some Healing, Defence or Melee increase.

Examples of these items are below –

The final step is to have fun….. This is a game and the point of it is enjoyment!

This is meant to be a helpful guide on how to get the most out of your commanders but it is not the ONLY way to build Éowyn and is not meant to be prescriptive.

There is no official right or wrong way to set up a commander and everyone has their own play style. I would recommend mirroring your commander build to your play style and also to your available units. There is no point selecting skills that buff a unit you don’t own just because someone told you too!

My final advice to you all, is to not be afraid to play around with commander builds to get the one that works FOR YOU!

My Respect 11 Level 50 Éowyn using this method

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you found it helpful.



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